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Bonded zone

Yantai bonded port area is following the Shanghai Yangshan, Tianjin, Dalian Dayaowan Dongjiang, Hainan Yangpu, Ningbo Meishan, Guangxi Qinzhou, Xiamen Haicang, Qingdao Qianwan, Shenzhen Bay, Guangzhou Nansha, Chongqing Cuntan, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang, become China thirteenth bonded port area, Shandong Province second bonded port area is also approved by the State Council the. The bonded port area is the supervision of the regional China bonded logistics level current port and land area integration of the highest, the most preferential policies, the most complete, the most obvious advantage, is the policy model in the form of the most close to the free trade port.

Bonded port area refers to the approval of the State Council, set up in the port opening to the outside of the world and specific areas connected with the inner, special customs supervision area with port, logistics, processing and other functions. The function of the bonded port area including warehousing and logistics, foreign trade, international procurement, distribution and delivery, international transit, detection and repair after sale service, commodity display, research and development, processing, manufacturing, port operations and 9 function.

The bonded port area is the customs in accordance with the Chinese condition and actual need, draw lessons from the advanced management experience of developed countries customs, linking with the international practice, adapt to the new regulatory regions need to Multi-National Corporation operation and the development of modern logistics, is the regulatory region of our country current port and land area of the bonded logistics integration and the highest level, the most preferential policies, the most complete functions the advantage of the most obvious, is outside the territory in the true sense, is the policy model in the form of the most close to the free trade port.

The geographical position

The establishment of Yantai bonded port in the north of Yantai City, the planning area of 7.26 square kilometers,divided into the port operation area, logistics area, public area for inspection, export processing zone and otherfour major functional areas. Bonded port is the port operations, international transit, international distribution,international procurement and other functions, mainly to carry out the LCL, port value-added processing,logistics and warehousing, international container transshipment business.